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The SREE KASI ANNAPURNA ARYAVYSYA VRUDDHAASHRAMAM & NITHYANNA SATHRAM has built up two NITHYANNA SATHRAMS in the internationally significant and historical ancient city of VARANASI . The locations within a walkable distance from Jyothirrlingam of Sri Kasi Vishwanatha and Shakthipeetam Annapurna Devi Temple .


Functioning since 15th December 1999
# 47/339,opp.: Mazad Talkies , Luxa Road, Varanasi,
Phone No.5042 2400076/245 5087

Facilities : Carpet area 17,000 sq.feet.
 Floors with lift connecting all floors. There will be one honorable member, one Purohit , one manager, one office assistant , three cooks , one watchman and five assistants for sanitary maintenance .
4 floors
1.20 VIP rooms with air-condition & bath attached
2.19 rooms
3. Dormitory with 60 lockers, 32 beds.
4.Dining Hall.

Address 2
# 55/5- D.K.Narayan Nagar , beside Gurubagh,
(Towards Railway Station ) Luxa Road ,Varanasi.
Phone No. 0542 2411829.

Facilities : Carpet area 3,870 sq.feet 2 floors.
There will be one honouable member , one office assistant , two cooks ,one watchman and three assistants for sanitarymaintenance .
1.20 double rooms , 6 are bath attached
3.Dining hall.
*Free Boarding and lodging at a nominal maintenance cost is arranged for 3 days to all orur Arya Vysya pilgrims.
Note : We are co-operating and facilitating with qualified purohit to the Arya vysya who are vising for KARMAKANDA ON THEBANKS OF holuy river ganga , AT varanasi


The SREE KASI ANNAPURNA VASAVI ARYA VYSA VRUDDHAASHRAMAM & NITHYANNA SATRAM has built up NITHYANNA SATRAMS in the internationally signification, historical SHIRIDI. The location is within a walkable distance from BABA MANDIRAM.


Address 1. Function since 28th April 2005
Near Shri SAI BABA Mandiram
Nagar Manmad Road, Opp.Joshi
Hospital, SHIRIDI.
Phone No. 02423-255039,098228 93791
Facilities: Carpet area 7500 sq. feet, Ample
Space for Car Parking and provision for lift.
3 Floors.
1.40 Modern rooms (Bath attached)
Newly purchased 2 acres open land attached to
Existing building for constructing about 200 rooms
In floors.
Caretakers: There will be one honourable founder member, one manager one-office assistant, two cooks, one watchman
& Two assistants for sanitary maintenance, Transportation are available at reasonable cost.

We request your good selves with family members to visit VARANASI, SHIRIDI and HARIDWAR and to stay (Book with advance for rooms) in our SATRAMS. We provide good quality delicious, homely food with Mineral Water. We wish you had a good dershanam and the blessings of our Great Lords.

We have facilitated two Swamijis to perform Yagnams & Sapthahams and meetings of our Arya Vysa Organization. Meetings in our NITHYANNA SATRAM &Vruddhaashramam at VARANASI and the same will be extended in future in our Sathrams of Varanasi, Tirupati Shiridi and Haridwar also.

The SREE KASI ANNAPURNA VASAVI ARYA VYSA VRUDDHAASHRAMAM & NITHYANNA SATRAM has planning to construct a 5-floor building, which is located at shyamlok Haridwar opposite to Gayathri Shakthi Kunj Pariwar on Rushikesh road. There will be Ammavari Temple, Dinning Hall, kitchen and Reception at Ground floor, Prayer and Paravachan hall in first floor and 40 Double rooms, 20 single rooms and 10 suites in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th floors.


The      sree kasi annapurna vasai arya vysya vruddhaashamam & nithyanna sathram      has  Built two NITHYANNA SATRAMS  in the internationalyy significant , Historical holy place of  TIRUPATHI . The location is within a walkable distance from railway station.





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